MSC Enterprise Solutions is a newly established Division of MSC Education Holdings. Its role is two-fold:

MSC Enterprise Solutions provides the technological backbone for MSC group, enabling both blended and online learning.
MSC Enterprise Solutions provides integrated and customized technology- based learning solutions for companies and institutional partners, ensuring optimal return on investment in human capital.

MSC Enterprise Solutions has an advanced online learning platform which can be customised for different clients and integrates curriculum delivery, assessment, learner management and reporting, thereby reducing the cost and time associated with training.

MSC Enterprise Solutions also offers mobile solutions for the management and delivery of learning across multiple sites. Training content can be delivered off a custom-built offline App which minimises the bandwidth requirements for learning, particularly in remote sites.

MSC Enterprise Solutions has a full eLearning Development Team (Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers, Quality Assurance, and Project Management) to translate qualifications, training materials and relevant documents into interactive and user-friendly e-learning / mobile learning content. We are able to design and develop curriculum content which is aligned to qualifications and tailored the particular needs of the industry concerned

MSC Enterprise Solutions’ key objective is to optimize the users experience and ensure effectiveness and quality and delivery and output of learning.



"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."