The MSC Artisan Academy has been established in response to the general decline in the quality and supply of artisan training that has over time resulted in a critical shortage of high level technical skills in South Africa. MSCAA aims to positively contribute towards increasing the general standard of artisanship in South Africa in the following focus-areas:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering (inclusive of Welding and Fitting)
  • Renewable Energy Solutions (Green Energy)

Our approach to training is based on traditional artisan principles and skills, strongly underpinned by German craftsmanship and training methodology. An integrated training approach (blended learning) is followed where theory is embedded in practical exercises and projects. This is achieved through our well-equipped and modern workshops/laboratories, supported by experienced and skilled instructors, and applied through structured workplace-based learning.

Training Approach

All training at MAASA is geared towards providing trainees with sufficient skills, knowledge and attitudes to carry out their work effectively and efficiently in a competitive and technologically advanced industries. It should lead either to improved performance of employees and employment for the unemployed.

Modes of Delivery

Training at MAASA is offered by means of the following:

Skills Programmes (Credit Bearing)
Short Programmes (Company Specific)


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