MSC seeks to prepare young school leavers to be optimally competitive and employable in the labour market. Through its blended learning approach, the MSC student experience is centred on flexible and efficient use of face-to-face teaching and tutoring, access to on-line support, and practical, occupation-specific experience.

MSC’s delivery model is oriented around providing a student-centred delivery model that drives student success. MSC seeks to provide virtual learning spaces, using an advanced E-Learning Platform that enables an individual learning to proceed at his or her own pace, while still receiving structured classroom and practical instruction.

Content is delivered directly to the student’s personal device in a manner that requires active engagement, and is available to students for self-study off-site.

Given the educational challenges of many young school leavers, the model includes a strong focus on strengthening functional skills, on-course academic support and work readiness.



"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."


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